HOHAYE Duverger Bethel Ministries

HOHAYE CommitteesHOHAYE Committees
The Executive Board
Rev. Franco Valdemar (ThM) - President
Daniel Vernier - Treasurer
Carole Valdemar (RN) - Secretary
Germanie Chery (RN)
Marx Delsoin (CPA)
Rev. Hector Mardi (MDiv)
Youth - Parents Committee
Dr. Maryse Nazon (PhD) - Director
Dr. Karen Thames (PhD) - Secretary
Daniel Jean (MA) - Asst. Director
Magalie Oscar - HOHAYE General Coordinator
Mission Statement: "We exist to empower Haitian-American families to live happy and successful lives. We will accomplish these goals through psycho-educational seminars". This committee provides free mental health services, provided by licensed professionals on the board. We also provide free workshops/seminars to members in the community who wish to learn more and empower themselves. Participants will be given certificates of completion after the workshop series.
North Side of Chicago Branch
Germanie Chery - Director
Celiane Obrunoh -Asst. Director
Magalie Dieujuste - Secretary
Daniel Vernier - Treasurer
Anthony Boisson - Ambassador
Samson Adrien - Ambassador
Immacula Dieudonne - Advisor
West Side of Chicago Branch
Winda Pierre Louis (RN) - Director
Gandy Pierre Louis - Asst. Director
Belizaire Francois- Secretary
Elie Joseph
Belizaire François
Ermaille Austin
South Side of Chicago Branch
Rev. Ernest Laine - Director
Daniel Jean - Asst. Director
Marie Mica Dory - Asst. Secretary
Antonine Laine - Fund Raising Coordinator
Clyde Dezir - Advisor
Jimmy Raymond
Luckner Jean
HOHAYE Event Coordination
Pharys Mondesir - Director
Magalie Dieujuste - Secretary
Exantus France
Patricia Desir
HOHAYE Medical Team in US
Dr. Karl Vancol - Director
Carole Valdemar, RN - Secretary
Germanie Chery, LPN
HOHAYE Hospitality Committee
Carole Valdemar
Nancy Bienaimé
Prima Lubin
Celiane Obrunoh
Immacula Dieudonne
Germanie Chery
Anthony Laine
Mrs. Elie Joseph
Elsie Boisson
Our Team in Haiti
Rev. Robinson Lazarre (PauP)
Joel Lorquet (Media)
Me Maxa Charles (Legal Issues)
Dr. Edouard Belony (Fonds Des Negres)
Ing. Basile Bernovil (Duverger)
Rev. Reynold Desauteur (Marseillan)
Ing. Jean Renel P Baptiste (Miragoane)
Ruth Valdemar (La Plaine)